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Nutrition & Santé: food for thought Our mission: to develop, produce and sell natural, healthy branded food products. Never before in history has mankind had such a wide choice of food products. Equally, people have never asked themselves so many questions about their diet and its effects on their health. From production methods used in farming and the food industry to environmental issues or food crises, the debate about how and what we consume covers a vast area. Nutrition & Santé’s positioning is fully reflected in its name: finding the right balance between food as a source of pleasure and food as a source of wellbeing.    Our business is to develop natural, healthy food products which are full of flavour and benefits, drawn from the best that nature has to offer. We offer consumers much more than food. We offer a transparent and intelligent approach to nutrition, based on a full understanding of what is good for them, whatever their specific needs. Control, transparency and innovation Each year, we break new ground by launching over a hundred new products.  With the acquisition of Natursoy, a Spanish pioneer in organic vegetable protein products, and the recent acquisition of Valpiform, the French leader in gluten-free and allergen-free foods, Nutrition & Santé has asserted its status as a major manufacturer. 
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